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Welcome to Yahweh’s House of God

Peace and blessing be upon you and your family. Thank you for visiting our church web site. You will find information about our church history, our mission, and how you can help us with our various outreach programs. We are a church that observe the 7th day Sabbath and we would love for you to join us in worship on Saturday’s at 1 p.m. For those that are acustomed to a full-day Sabbath Worship experience, Sabbath School begins at 10:30 a.m. Click here for the complete schedule.

Feel free to reach out to us for prayer request, a ride to church or simply a praise report that you would like to share with the membership. We are here to serve the needs of our community as much as we can help. If your interested in volunteering at one of our upcoming events or community projects, please click on Contact Us to sign up today. As Jesus shared with his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the labours are few.

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